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Corelli Art and Forest School

3-6 year old Nature Art 

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Registration is now open!

We have very select spots available for Spring 2023.
Summer Camp dates coming soon!

Class Options

1 day a week: 9-12pm

2 days a week: 9-12pm

3 days a week: 9-12pm

5 days a week: 9-12pm

Students usually attend on a Mon/Wed/Fri or Tue/Thurs schedule to have consistency in classmates week to week. We are open to other combinations of days as long as space is available.



Elli McNall and Corey Pope

Contact Information:

Elli: 803-403-6714

Corey: 803-873-1871

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Tuition can be paid monthly, by semester, or yearly. We will send a tuition invoice through Square to be paid electronically. This can be scheduled for automatic payments each month.

If you would like to try out our program without paying for a full month at a time, you are welcome to come for a "Daily Drop In." 

We have just instituted a new Scholarship/Tuition Assistance program. Check out the link below for more information!

Daily Drop In

1 day: $45

1 Day a Week

Monthly: $160

Semester: $790

Yearly: $1550

2 Days a Week

Monthly: $300

Semester: $1480

Yearly: $2920

3 Days a Week

Monthly: $440

Semester: $2160

Yearly: $4300

5 Days a Week

Monthly: $700

Semester: $3450

Yearly: $6900

Daily Schedule

We allow the children the freedom to play and direct their time as often as possible. We do utilize a schedule for a sense of continuity day to day.

9:00 am - Parent drop-off and free play

9:15 am- Free drawing

9:45 am - Art Project 1 then free play

10:15 am - Snack time

10:45 am - Prepare for walk

11:00 am - Nature walk

11:30 am - Project 2 then free play

12:00 pm - Parent pick-up


Our calendar is loosely based off the Knox County School Calendar.  We will have class 10 months out of the year with June and July off. We will offer Summer camps during those months where you can pick and choose the weeks you attend. We will have breaks throughout the year for Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break and more. Because we want the children to experience the full range of seasons and weather types, we will not always call off for bad weather. We will update parents on inclement weather days.

2023 Spring Semester


3 - 6  Winter Break - No School

9-13    Week 1 Introduction (Tuition Due)

16     Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No School

17-20  Week 2 All About Me

23-27  Week 3 Dot

30-31  Week 4 Line



1-3     Week 5 Line (Tuition Due)

6-10    Week 6 Shape

13-17   Week 7 Color

20      Staff Development Day - No School

21-24   Week 8 Texture

27-28   Week 9 Senses



1-3     Week 9 Senses (Tuition Due)

6-10    Week 10 Feeling

13-17   Spring Break - No School

20-24   Week 11 Land

28-31   Week 12 Water



3-6     Week 13 Plants (Tuition Due)

7,10    Holiday

11-14   Week 14 Insects

17-21   Week 15 Animals

24-28   Week 16 Space



1-5     Week 17 Summer (Tuition Due)

8-12    Week 18 Big Picture

15-19   Week 19 Fun

22-26   Week 20 Wrap Up - Friends and Family

Physical Requirements

Children should be able to show respect towards nature, other children and their teachers and be able to communicate effectively. Children must be in the toilet training process to attend.

Clothing Requirements

Appropriate clothing for forest school is CRITICAL to the success of the program. “There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” Clothing guidelines are available in the parent handbook.

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