Corelli Art and Forest School

Now enrolling for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 classes




Corelli Art and Forest School is a completely outdoor program that focuses on creative play and nature immersion. It is our belief that art and nature are essential foundations to creating well rounded and adaptive individuals. In addition to open-ended forest play, we introduce a wide variety of art materials and methods to help our students:

- Identify individual strengths and interests

- Develop fine motor skills

- Develop creative problem solving skills

- Work independently and collaboratively

- Respect and learn from the environment

It is our goal to provide a natural learning environment that we wish we had as children. Pulling from our experience in a variety of disciplines, we provide an early introduction to the traditional principles of art and curiosity driven learning.

Located on 55 acres of old-growth forest in East Knoxville, Tennessee, our property covers a private mountain, old horse farm, and rocky outcrops. Wildflower meadows, cedar trees, and mossy ground cover are the perfect backdrop for art lessons and free play.

Corelli Art and Forest School is run by the professional and practicing artist team Corelli Art Studio, a husband and wife duo of outdoor enthusiasts.


3-6 year old Preschool

A half-day program of outdoor play and art projects

7-10 year old Bushcraft

A half-day program of outdoor learning, building, and play.

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