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1. Corelli Art and Forest School will contact you within two weeks of receiving your enrollment form and application fee and schedule a tour of our space and program.


2. After your tour, we will answer any remaining questions, and then either invite you to finish enrolling or discuss any concerns that have arisen. If all spaces are full, you will receive an email to let you know that your child has been placed on a waiting list.

3. Please read through the Parent and Guardian Handbook below for further information about rules and guidelines for Corelli Art and Forest School.

4. Once you are cleared for enrollment, you may pay the enrollment deposit of $125. This amount will go towards your first month of tuition. If you enroll mid-school year, you won't be required to pay the enrollment deposit.

5. We will send you an invoice for the cost of tuition. Your child’s space in the class will be officially reserved as soon as this form is completed, and tuition is paid.

Scholarship/Tuition Assistance

Nature is for everybody, not just those who can afford it. Today, between decreased wilderness areas in cities, and HOAs in the suburbs prohibiting treehouses and mandating well manicured lawns, many kids do not have the access to the free play in nature that is crucial to their development. This scholarship fund was created in an effort to make wilderness play and quality art instruction accessible to those regardless of economic status. This fund is to provide scholarships for those in need to attend Corelli Art and Forest School in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Candidates will be chosen based on availability and financial need.

Please fill out the Scholarship Application below, and we will get back to you on how we can support your needs. Scholarship/tuition assistance may look like a certain percentage off of your tuition invoice or a trade for physical donations, sweat equity, or assisting a class.

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