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Corelli Art and Forest School
Summer Camps

Now enrolling for June and July 2024

3-9 Year Old Program : 9-12pm

What to Expect


Our summer camps are a continuation of the process-art making, nature exploring, free play encouraging fun that you have grown to love through out the school year.  We also open up our space to past and future families to join in on the magic as well! We are an all outdoor half day program where your kiddos can be their silly wild selves, while learning more about art and nature along the way. We have camp Monday through Thursday, 9-12pm. Starting in the fall we will begin our dedicated 7-10 yr old class. These summer camps are acceptable for 3-9 year olds. The wide age range helps more sibling sets join in on the fun! We strive to create experiences and spaces that are enjoyable for each age. You are welcome to pick and choose your camp schedule as it fits your family. You could continue with their normal school year schedule for June and July, or come every day for a whole week. We strive for flexibility as long as we have space available!


Our final day of Spring Semester is May 23th.



3rd-6th:  Week 1 - Bugs and Flowers 

10th-13th:  Week 2 - Striking Science 

17th-20th:  Week 3 - Summer Solstice 

24th-27th:  Week 4 - Fairy Week 




1st-4th:  Week 5 - Space Week 

8th-11th:  Week 6 - Mud and Water 

15th-18th:  Week 7 - Dinosaurs

22nd-25th:  Week 8 - Messy Makers 

29th-31st: No School

We return to school August 5th.

Ready to apply?



Elli McNall and Corey Pope

Contact Information:

Elli: 803-403-6714

Corey: 803-873-1871

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You can choose to send your child 1-4 days a week according to your schedule. This way you can attend as often or as occasional as you want. Tuition can be paid monthly if you will attend all weeks of camp for the month. If you plan on attending less than that, we charge $48 per day.  We will send a tuition invoice through Square to be paid electronically at the 1st of the month.

If you would like to try out our program without paying for a full month at a time, you are welcome to come for a "Daily Drop In." We typically try to have each family attend a tour before enrolling for regularly scheduled classes. For families just planning a Drop In day, we do not usually tour. Older students tend to do well with this arrangement, where as some littles have separation anxiety. Let us know how we can best support your family!

We also have a Scholarship/Tuition Assistance program if desired. Check out the link below for more information!

Daily Drop In

1 day: $48

1 week (4 days): $192

1 Day a Week

Monthly: $180

2 Days a Week

Monthly: $330

3 Days a Week

Monthly: $470

4 Days a Week

Monthly: $575

Daily Schedule

We allow the children the freedom to play and direct their time as often as possible. We do utilize a schedule for a sense of continuity day to day.

9:00 am - Parent drop-off

9:15 am- Free drawing and table play

9:45 am - Art Project 1 then free play

10:15 am - Snack and Story time

10:45 am - Free Play

11:15 am - Project 2 then free play

12:00 pm - Parent pick-up

Physical Requirements

Children should be able to show respect towards nature, other children and their teachers and be able to communicate effectively. We do not require the kids to be potty trained, but it is preferred. 

Clothing Requirements

Appropriate clothing for forest school is CRITICAL to the success of the program. “There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” Clothing guidelines are available in the parent handbook.

To learn more about Corelli Art and Forest School, click the link below.


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